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Welcome to Infratographer! We're super excited to have you here. This document contains the best practices for contributing to our repositories.

Filing an Issue

If you are using one of our open source projects- you'll likely begin interacting with us by filing an issue. Regardless of whether you think the issue is with the project itself, if you're having trouble using the project, feel free to file an issue on the repo.

If you have a feature request, please file an issue before making a PR. Everyone's time is incredibly valuable, so if you have an idea for a feature, please file an issue. This way we can have a discussion with you, and the community, about the design, before you have sunk a bunch of time into developing it.

You do not need to file an issue for small fixes. If you are fixing a typo or refactoring a bit of code, you likely don't need to file an issue. This is a judgement call, and sometimes we may review your PR and ask you to file an issue if we expect there are larger design decisions to be made.

Each repository has an Issue Template. This helps us make sure that you can give us the most information about your issue upfront, so we can limit the amount of back and forth required before your issue can be resolved. Do your best to fill it out, but if you have trouble, it's ok to file an incomplete issue template.

Making a PR

If you are considering filing a pull request, make sure that there's an issue filed for the work you'd like to do. There might be some discussion required! Filing an issue first will help ensure that the work you put into your pull request will get merged.

Once your PR is made, it will be labeled needs review. A maintainer will review your PR as soon as they can. The reviewer may ask for changes- they will mark the PR as changes requested and work in progress and will give you details about the requested changes. Feel free to ask lots of questions! The maintainers are there to help you!


Infratographer follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. You can find a copy in each of our repositories. Violating the CoC could result in a warning or a ban to any and all repositories in this organization.


If you have any questions, please reach out to @nicolerenee or @sfunkhouser

Last update: 2023-08-31
Created: 2023-08-31